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The archipelago of Madeira is a green oasis within the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira is a perfect place to go out and explore the beautiful natural scenery and tropical forests. A destination that can both be exciting and relaxing.

The stunning Madeira Island is the perfect place to discover the beautiful natural scenery and tropical forest. The Laurissilva forest, located in the Madeira, is quite unique in the world since it can only develop within very specific environments and Madeira Island can provide exactly that. With such a unique landscape, we invite you to explore the forest and do a bit of trekking through the “Levadas” and reach the heart of the island while walking the path made years ago by the locals!

Madeira is also a place where the contrast between city and mountain are so well embedded in the island that you will find almost comforting having the mountain guarding the capital city of Funchal. It is quite amazing to have a drink of the famous Poncha (a local beverage) while you see the sun settling in the horizon and feel the fresh breeze of the mountain combined with the saltiness of the ocean.

There are so many exciting things that made Madeira a unique destination. In Funchal, you can take the cable car to the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Monte and admire the entire city beneath you. If you think you are taking the cable car to go back to the city, think again! While the cable car goes both ways, we suggest you to speak with some of the gentlemen, called the “Carreiros”, that are offering a ride down using wicker toboggans. It is quite the thrill making the descend in it and an experience quite unmissable!

As for gastronomy, the island offers a tremendous variety of fresh fish and local meat that will make you crave for more! Seat by the ocean and taste the grilled black swordfish or try the infamous grilled “espetada” made with a cane of laurel!

After visiting the city of Funchal, get to know the rest of the island as you discover stunning landscapes, meet the lovely people and embark on an adventure that will make you want to return for more!

In case you have fallen in love with Madeira, Across Portugal would like to be your partner and help you plan your trip to Portugal.


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