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The Tour Operator

All the items presented in this website are created, organized and sold by APT MANAGEMENT, LDA, hereinafter referred to as Across Portugal, registered at Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Vila Nova de Gaia with VAT number 516540688 and in the Registo Nacional de Agencias de Viagens e Turismo (RNAVT) with number 9862.

Field of Activity

Across Portugal have, as a main product, the construction of personalized and exclusive programs to its Clients accordingly to their preferences. These programs include Accommodation, Transport and Services in the purpose of the Free Independent Travelers (FIT), Events and Group Inclusive Tours (GIT).

Across Portugal develops partnerships guided by quality criteria based on accuracy, professionalism, and trust to guarantee to its Clients a service built on excellency. Across Portugal and its partners, take on the purpose, together, to be completely available to its Clients.

Client Relationship

Across Portugal hereby commits to deliver service of excellence and quality to all its Clients. We passionately believe that an personalizes service is a fundamental element in an activity that is meant to be from people to people. Across Portugal guarantees a local team fully available to give support to its Clients.

Across Portugal reserves the right, to its own judgement, to decline its services whenever the minimum quality and/or safety conditions are not met in which will advise the Client in time whilst applying the terms indicated under the “Program Alteration” topic.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Under the terms of the current legislation, the responsibility of Across Portugal is guaranteed by a liability insurance of the company AGEAS Seguros with the registration number 0084.10.210187 for the amount of €75.000,00 (seventy-five thousand euros). Across Portugal also contributes to the Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund under the terms of the legislation in force.

Across Portugal Programs


  • Program: A package that includes accommodation, transport and personalized services organized by Across Portugal.
  • Services: Activities included in the program / package organized by Across Portugal and operated by our selected partners.

Booking Policy

All the reservations and consultancy made by our Clients, should be requested to our team by telephone or email as indicated in our website. To assure the safety and confidentiality of the provided information, all the communications and confirmations regarding a hired service will be done by email.

Payment Policy

Payment of our program is subject to the following phases:

  1. After the proposal confirmation by the Client, it is required to pay 20% of the total cost of the program in advance. We will then start the reservation process after payment confirmation by Across Portugal bank.

With the first payment, Across Portugal will confirm the availability of the required program for the Client whilst making the necessary reservations. It is, however, important to mention that the requested program is always subject to the availability of our partners up until the moment of its confirmation. The period between the sending of the proposal from Across Portugal to the confirmation from our Client can result in unavailability’s and /or price changes from our partners. In that case, Across Portugal will inform the Client of the new price in order to get approval, cancellation or alteration of the program.

  1. The rest of the payment should be made one month prior to arrival dates under the penalty of cancellation of the program.

All the values given by Across Portugal on our proposals are in Euros and include VATs.

Travel Documentation

All Clients must obtain all the necessary travel documentation in order to get permission to enter Portugal. Across Portugal cannot, in any instance, be liable, directly or indirectly, for our Client’s refusal of entry into Portugal. It is the Client’s responsibility to gather and present all the legal documents necessary to carrying out the program.

To all the questions regarding the legally documents demanded upon entry a different country, the Client should consult their local authority’s office.

Program Alteration

In the case Across Portugal needs to do any alteration to the confirmed program, before its start, it will always give the option of cancellation and complete reimbursement of the total value paid up until that moment, opting for another program and/or similar value service or change of program whilst applying updated prices when applied.

In the case of Across Portugal needs to cancel or change a confirmed service to the Client, after its start, we will always give the possibility to acquire another similar service and consequent change pending on an adjustment of the value or reimbursement of the value of the cancelled service.

Cancellation Policy

FIT (Free Independent Travelers)

Across Portugal’s cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. Across Portugal will reimburse you in full until the 10th (tenth) business day prior to your arrival.

  2. Across Portugal will not reimburse payments under the following terms: 

    1. Cancellations requested after the reimbuserment period indicated above;

    2. In cases of no show.

  3. In case any service has a different cancelation policy, Across Portugal will make sure to inform the client in advance on the proposal and the same will be preferred over the general conditions referred in Across Portugal’s cancelation policy.

Note: All the deadlines are being counted according to the starting date of your program in Portugal as stated by the Portuguese calendar.

Group Events and Tours

Group Events and Group Tours, including the hired services, are under the terms of specific cancelation policies that can differ from the general conditions under the topic “Cancellation Policies” of Across Portugal. The proposal, which is delivered to the Client, contains detailed description of the conditions according to the hired services.


If, by any reason whatsoever, Across Portugal is forced to cancel a program, its value will be reimbursed to the Client without any indemnity.

Unused Services

No service’s refunds or exchanges can be applied after the program has started.

Policy of Responsibility towards our Partners

  • The content of Across Portugal’s proposals, as well as any other information in it, have detailed information provided from our partners. Although we made constant updates to the proposals it is not possible to verify the veracity of all the information and Across Portugal cannot be held responsible for any wrongful information.

  • Some of the services might be subject of external factors out of control of Across Portugal (e.g. weather forecast). Therefore, the responsibility of a possible nonrealization of said service cannot be assigned to Across Portugal’s.

  • All Clients must obey the conduct code and rules enforced by Across Portugal’s partners at the time of the service and in its headquarters.


Any complaint, dully reasoned, must be filled to the Across Portugal’s supplier service provider. Furthermore, Across Portugal can, following its own criteria, intervene exclusively as an intermediate providing the necessary support to our Clients.

Clients can also use their Travel and Tourism Guarantee Fund (TTGF) under the terms of the current legislation in the next 30 (thirty) business days, from the complaint date. By not filling  a complaint during the legal date, constitutes an act of exoneration of liability from Across Portugal.

In the event of a dispute, you may also use the following Alternative Dispute Resolution entities:


Any change due to present conditions will happen without warning which in that case, Across Portugal will proceed to its update. Anytime any change is made, the website will be updated as well as any information there by presented. If the reservation policies are updated, Across Portugal will stand for the policies ongoing at the moment of the program’s confirmation by the Client.

Lisbon, November 16th, 2023

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