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Internationally known as The Azores, this archipelago is composed by nine volcanic islands where the natural beauty is hidden at any corner. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, The Azores is a rural set of islands, known by the unique production of different kinds of cheese and by its sweet pineapples. 

There are lot of places in the world that are known for being one of a kind either in culture, landscape, weather or even gastronomy. The Azores is all of that in just one group of nine islands - a must on any traveler’s bucket list! 
Landing in the island of São Miguel is the starting point for a remarkable experience. As soon as you start to descend, you will find yourself surrounded by water as the airport is quite near the ocean. This will provide the perfect background to start your adventure in what is many times referred as “the Pearl of the Atlantic”.

As you reach the city center of its capital, Ponta Delgada, we invite you to find a belvedere to stop and absorb the environment. By looking to one side you will realize how beautiful the ocean is. Now, look to the other side and you will be able to admire the vast green landscapes that are part of the island.

If you move inland, you will be leaving the city environment behind you and the discovery of the true Azores can start. Marvel with the fresh air of the mountain as you cruise through the small roads and, at each corner, you will find a stunning belvedere overlooking everything as the eye can see. It is also quite common, as you drive and stop to admire the landscape, to have the company of the island cows who are just minding their business, grazing whilst being accompanied by the local shepherds. 

All of that cruising and driving will create an appetite in everyone. Let us give you a tip on what to eat: A pot buried in the ground with some of the finest ingredients of the island in it while the heat of the soil boils everything to perfection. Remember the part where the island is located on volcanic soil? Well, the locals found a purpose for that and created the infamous “Cozido das Furnas”. This traditional dish is composed by vegetables, smoked meat and potatoes cooked underground. If you arrive early, you can even see the place where it is made and watch as the cookers bring the pots back to solid ground! Enjoy the meal and pair it with a delicious island cheese and the world famous pineapple for desert!
Do you know that feeling to lie down after an amazing lunch? Seek the hot water springs of the region and relax by the natural lagoons where the water is quite warm with some natural properties. We guarantee that one of the best feelings in the Azores is being inside the hot water lagoon while is drizzling. 

Being surrounded by the ocean provides you with the perfect opportunity to hop on a boat and have a completely new point of view of the island from the Atlantic Ocean. And, if you are lucky enough, you can have the company of the roaming dolphins and whales that often swim in the shores of the Azores.

The incredible atmosphere the island provides, the friendly locals, the unique weather and the extraordinary gastronomy are its main features to invite you to explore this destination.

Already dreaming with the Azores? Feel free to contact our team in order to get more information about the area!


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